Club’s Achievements

Club’s Achievements :

Members – Air Cargo club of Delhi has grown over the years. Born in 1977 with a few bunch of members, club has now successfully 235 active members and still growing. Air cargo club of Delhi has emerged as a club but more known as a family now.


Events: – AACD has always initiated best of events since decades. This has been a mix of good monthly lunches where guest speakers coming from professional backgrounds extend their experience and views. Club also encourages members and their families to come together for various interesting events like Dance evenings, family picnics and outstation trips. Lastly, followed by the grand gala Annual Bowl which is the most admired in India and now known internationally. Last annual ball held on  January 10, 2015 was a super success recording maximum number of participants coming from professional backgrounds of Air Cargo fraternity.


Charity –Knowing that contribution brings about peace and happiness to people in need, who deserve it so much is a satisfying feeling. Air cargo club of Delhi feels fortunate to have been associated to those who require help by donating to various charities dedicated towards disables people, children and all those in need. ACCD ensures that giving is efficient and impactful by all means and aims to be associated with good well known charities in India ensuring right things are going to right people.


Bonding – In today’s commercial world where people go through a stressful routine and engaged with many commitments, usually do not get time to socialize within the trade community. ACCD takes an initiative to bridge this gap by organizing many events to keep up strong bonding amongst all members at all times.

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