Annual Ball – March 2013

The eagerly awaited ACCD Annual Ball, 2013, was held recently at Regenta Hotel & Convention Centre, New Delhi.

The ball began with the much loved ‘early bird draw’ where lucky members of the club won prizes ranging from international flight tickets to limited amounts of free cargo passage.

The members cheered each other and were kept entertained by the charming host of the evening.

Mr. J.P. Singh, President, Air Cargo Club of Delhi addressed the gathering after the lucky draw. He thanked members and sponsors of the evening and urged everyone to have a good time.

The entertainment quotient of the evening was trebled by a mesmerizing dance performance by Delhi based dance troupe Aasma. Their performance was followed by many more spirited dances.

Soon after the performances the brochure prize winners and the final lucky draw winner was announced and then the DJ took over and opened the floor for the crowd to swing in.

As always the ball was a great success and all guests enjoyed the various forms of entertainment.