Air cargo club of Delhi is proud to have 235 active members and still growing. There has been an enormous growth in members coming from different reputed organizations and professional backgrounds. Various mix of people for air cargo industry are coming forward to be a interesting part of this club giving us the advantage of biggest air cargo club in India. Members are classified as below:


Active Members :

Who holds good professional reputation in performing management functions and belongs to an organization which is generally and actively engaged in air cargo trade. Whether the organization is connected with air cargo trade or not and whether the position held by applicant is of a management functioning or not shall be determined by the managing committee of the club whose decision in the matter shall be final and binding on the applicant.


Associate Members :

Those persons qualify who are members of government/ Quassi government agencies connected with Air cargo trade.


Honorary Members :

Persons who have distinguished themselves by services to the industry of air cargo weather national or international or the club and are of good professional reputation, may be granted honorary membership by the managing committee, provided that the honorary membership will be limited to 10 persons or 10% of the active members of the club whichever is less, provided further that they are from the territory of the club as defined in Article 2.